Homework #1 - Music 220a

Byron Walker

Oil Consumption Wailing Song

Audio file:


Time series:

The data was taken from datamarket.com, and it details the amount of oil consumption in the past 200 years.

Chuck files:

DataReader: File Reading the data files.

Player: File generating the sound.

Data File:

data-oilconsumption.dat: Data File


Seeing the data at first shocked me, seeing the slow and steady increase of oil consumption since we started using it. This created for me a very real fear for the future, and what we could do about our reliance on oil. Thus explains the format of the piece, it builds tension, reading in the rising data and mapping that to a rising wailing sin wave. They layer over each other until the last dies aaay in an echo. At first afterwards we seem to resolve up to that top E natural, but then peace is destroyed as it becomes polluted by other notes.