Ben-Zhen Sung’s 220C Projects Page

Composition Project

I am writing a 5-minute piece for a teleconcert between ensembles in California, New York, and Tromso, Norway.


5/26 CCRMA Spring Concert (stay tuned!)

Program Notes: Originally written for a network performance between ensembles in California, New York, and Tromso, Norway, “Caverns” has been adapted for one ensemble [and one computer] for the CCRMA Spring Concert. It explores different modes of human vocalization and, in the new version, human-computer collaboration.




5/6 Recorded my classmates making sounds in the recording studio.

5/4 Need to adapt the piece for the CCRMA final concert, because the ensembles in NY and Norway won't be present..

4/26 Concert! Went smoothly...minus the New York troupe, which was absent. Rehearsed the piece in parts once, before performing the entire selection. Many thanks to my classmates for performing and bearing with my strange ideas. :)

4/ 15 JackTripp and stage mixer tutorial with Elie Noune notes here

4/ 12 Rehearsal with Stanford ensemble on the CCRMA stage – successful!

4/6 Submitted rough outline of composition ideas


PDF of final score

notes/initial brainstorm

Dolby Project

I will be collaborating with classmate Ravi Kondapalli on a project for Dolby involving the creation of standardized tests for appraising audio quality on some of Dolby’s signal processing systems. More information and updates are on Ravi's page. Click here!