Editing software for the Akai S-2000

In 1996 I bought my first hardware sampler, an Akai S-2000. At the time, Akai shipped editing software for the Macintosh with this sampler. The editing software could communicate with the sampler over SCSI or MIDI to exchange sampler program settings and samples. I didn't own a Macintosh at the time, and I wanted to interface the sampler with my PC which had a SCSI interface. Unfortunately the editing software for the PC contained a enormous amount of bugs which made it impossible to use the sampler in a comfortable way. Eventually Akai released a new version of the software a few years later, but the software still had many problems. I decided to write my own software, which would be my first real programming project. I used Borland Delphi 2.0 with a MIDI component which wrapped the C code that came with the Maximum MIDI book by Paul Messick, if I remember correctly. The software worked over MIDI which was too slow to send and receive samples, so I made a plan to re-write the software for Linux and use the SCSI interface. Unfortunately I was never able to find all the details necessary to communicate with the sampler over the SCSI bus. It turned out in the end there was a fundamental problem with connecting a computer and the sampler on the same SCSI bus, which made me abandon the project in the end.

If you are interested in the code, send me an email. I might be able to find a backup in my archive.