March 13

Workshop 1: Program

Jody Deming - Introduction to Ocean Memory,12-12:15PM (PST)

Stefan Helmreich - Underwater Music, 12:15-12:35PM

Chris Chafe - Tidal Mix and Polar Tide, 12:35-12:55PM

Robertina Sebjanic -Sounds of Troubled Worlds = Songs of Serenity, 12:55-1:15PM

Heather Spence Echolocation, 1:15-1:35PM

Tristan Peng and Hongchan Choi, SIREN A WebAudio framework for sonification, 1:35-1:55PM

Tim Weaver, Jonathan Berger, Stephen Palumbi - Choral Coral - Sonification tool in MaxMSP, 1:55-2:15PM

Discussion and idea sharing, 2:15-2:45PM

Closing, next session remarks - 2:45-3PM