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Echoes of Light and Time
sound installation - (2000)
Commissioned by Chihuly Studios and the City of Jerusalem for the millennium exhibition: Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem

Project description:

Dale Chihuly notes the childlike fascination we all have as light dances through glass. His installation at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem was a dazzling display of the interaction of sunlight and glass.  For centuries Jerusalem was widely considered to be the center of the universe. The intense Mediterranean sunlight and the spiritual and ancient stone posed an extraordinary setting for Chihuly's work.

Echoes of Light and Time  incorporated the spirituality of the city and the interplay of glass and light in a musical environment that sounded continuously throughout the 18 months the exhibition was on display and was heard by over one and a half million people.

I embedded heat and light sensors in the pink glass chunks of Chihuly's central sculpture in the exhibition, the Crystal Mountain  and turned the sculpture into a sonic sundial whose sounds were controlled by the ever changing light and shadows as the sun, the clouds and night lights played with the glass. Thus the 'Echoes of Light' of the title. The 'Echoes of Time' refers to the audio source material which comprised field recordings of prayers and prayer-calls which I made in Jerusalem.

A CD compilation of segments of Echoes of Light and Time was published by Sony Classical Recordings. The recording is no longer in print but can be purchased through Maor Music Publications.

Crystal Mountain, Dale Chihuly, Jerualem, 2000

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