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associate professor of music, stanford university

for string quartet - (2004)
Commissioned by the Hudson Valley Chamber Music Society for the St. Lawrence String Quartet
Recording to be released Spring 2007 on Naxos, American Master's Miracles and Mud: Music for strings by Jonathan Berger

program notes:
Doubles recalls songs of peace, freedom and resistance that were influential in my youth. Some of the references are readily identifiable, others  obscured.
The title 'Doubles' refers to the seventeenth century practice of pairing a short piece with a highly embellished version of itself. The doubles in the quartet consist of three pairs of ornamentl variations. In each double a new theme emerges. This theme is itself ornamented in the subsequent section, thus creating two simultaneous shifted sets of doubles.
The work was commissioned by the Hudson Valley Chamber Music Circle for the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

The premier of Doubles marks Jonathan Berger's fifth collaboration with the St. Lawrence String Quartet. The SLSQ commissioned his earlier quartet, Miracles and Mud, and performed the work over sixty times. Berger's setting Eli Eli was included in SLSQ's tour with the Pilobolus dance company.  His arrangement of Deep River marked the quartet's memorial for the victims of 9/11 in their first performance after the tragedy. Berger's commission for music for the dedication of the Clark Center at Stanford marked the SLSQ's first interaction with electronic music.
Berger has composed symphonic works, three concerti, works for all varieties of chamber ensemble, vocal, choral and electroacoustic works. Among his awards and commissions are three fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts,  prizes from ASCAP,  commissions from WDR, and prizes from the Bourges Festival. His works are available on Sony, Neuma, CRI and Harmonia Mundi labels. Berger's works  for string quartet are currently being recorded by the St Lawrence String Quartet.

live recording of doubles (for personal audition only - not for broadcast)
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