The CCRMA home of Bo Lincoln.

The only things you will find here are:

The MUS420 project report, (as postscript), and the code.

The sound samples:
Original Packed Size M/S Compressed
mixed.wav mixed_packed.wav 2.5 Mb Mono 67 kbit/s
jacob.wav jacob_packed.wav 1.3 Mb Mono 71 kbit/s
caridgans.wav cardigans_packed.wav 0.8 Mb Mono 73 kbit/s
music.wav music_packed.wav 10 Mb Stereo 106 kbit/s
tpd.wav tpd_packed.wav 1.3 Mb Stereo 118 kbit/s
st_jacob.wav st_jacob_packed.wav 1.5 Mb Stereo 124 kbit/s
castanets.wav castanets_packed.wav 1.1 Mb Stereo 103 kbit/s
instruments.wav instruments_packed.wav 1.8 Mb Stereo 108 kbit/s
oasis.wav oasis_packed.wav 2.2 Mb Stereo 118 kbit/s
oasis.wav oasis_low.wav 2.2 Mb Stereo 89 kbit/s
st_jacob.wav st_jacob_low.wav 1.5 Mb Stereo 83 kbit/s

The sound samples for the WP/MDCT hybrid coder:
Original Packed Size
castanets.wav wp_castanets.wav 585 kb
jacob.wav wp_jacob.wav 1.3 Mb
jamiroquai.wav wp_jamiroquai.wav 2.6 Mb

My real homes: @Lysator (in Swedish) @Stanford