The Legend of ConductVR - A Zelda-themed Virtual Reality Conducting Experience

"The Legend of ConductVR" is an interactive Virtual Reality musical conducting experience themed around the "The Legend of Zelda" video games. Using a Gametrak controller, users can direct the pace and quality of sound of virtual "performers" as they play a piece of music.

Binaries (Windows)

ConductVR requires an Occulus Rift (tested using DK2) and a Gametrak controller.



Source files - ofxChucK - ofxOculusDK2

"The Legend of ConductVR" was developed using ofxChucK in OpenFrameworks. In addition to ofxChucK, the ofxOculusDK2 addon was also used. Both of these addons were modified for compatibility purposes (namely, to work in a Windows Code::Blocks installation), so the source files used during development are linked to above. Development was done under Windows 10 using Code::Blocks 13.12.

Screenshots (click for full image)