warbl is a simple video game for Windows where you control the game with the pitch of your voice. As a spaceship flies along, you must use your voice to maneuver your ship safely through a series of obstacles in your path. As you learn to successfully navigate this course, you may be surprised by the resulting sounds you hear yourself making...

Binaries (Windows)


warbl was developed in OpenFrameworks in Code::Blocks under Windows 10. No OpenFrameworks add-ons were used. Ports to other OpenFrameworks environments should be relatively straightforward.

warbl was originally concieved of simply out of a desire to experiment with pitch detection of the voice as a control in a video game. The potential to define songs using the level design of the game (in such a way that the level is not immediately obvious as musical notation) took me by surprise, and it's my hope that others playing this game can experience that same surprise as they become familiar with the game.

Future potential additions to warbl include:

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