Omg/Moog Track

I started with this track. I did two tracks of vocals, run through this PD patch and directly into Ardour. The patch is pretty much stolen from Chris's homework six example and modified. In the sub patch, which takes input from the main patch and plays back STK patches, I used a moog STK patch and added to that the VoiceForm patch so there is a layer, and also patched the direct audio from the microphone through to the output. I let fiddle's readings determine pitch, but also had vibrato introduced when the input pitch was higher than a given frequency. In the main patch, I added Travis's effect-delay subpatch, and had fiddle's output control delay time and feedback gain.

I sang an ohmish type thing and recorded the output of PD directly to Ardour, which meant a track mixed with vocals and the moog/voiceform patch. I did it twice, varying both times, and then use a little bit of cut and paste to lay it out through the song. At this point I created a sub theme for the tune, in which I'd cut out slices on the beat, and offset the left and right sides in the stereo field by a measure. So at some points in the edit, I'm using the same track, but offset a measure to create a new stereo image. I continued with this practice on other tracks...

Homework Six PD Patch