I'm so drunk I can't see straight
and all I wanna do is fuck you til the morning brings me redemption
I was a virgin first time I made a record
now I'm talkin like I been somewhere
shit you don't even know what I done for you
what I done been through
where I'll take this crew
hold my breath til my mutha fuckin brain turns blue
I got a rag in my gas tank
lookin for the last day
tryin to remember the prayers I forgot to pray
this is the last time I'll talk this way
this may be the last thing I'll ever have to say
so listen

drunk every night I can't be persuaded
everybody knows how long I been waitin
all I gotta do is sit up I'll be sober
every single second I get a little older
I ain't got time to fuck around with limits
I'm running out of space I'll be dead any minute
now play me a beat mr. dj
make the beat fast I ain't got time for anything less
I need to rest this chest but not yet
not until I'm 55 years past your best guess at my death
I don't need breath
I'll just run to the end of the world with no lungs
hold my breath til the mutha fuckin gods pass out
and when I finally drown don't have no funeral
I need a concert to make my mark
I need everyone to scream til the sky falls apart
and rains down glass on your mutha fuckin past
now shut your ass and just