Play Me A Beat

-- MP3

I "wrote" this "song" using some 220a techniques and code examples, starting with the homework six patch which uses fiddle to track pitch, and then plays back an STK sample which varies according to that pitch.

I also used some scheme code to create tracks and other PD patches to process. Then I wrote drum patches with Hydrogen, added vocals and some synth tracks, used LADSPA plugins and more PD to process them, and gave it a mixdown. Voila. A soup of yelling and beaty tunage.

One thing that I did in this little mix, which I don't claim I planned (because I rarely plan much rather than just begin sculpting and going with the flow), is that this thing is a crazy hodgepodge in some ways, mostly because the synth tracks are slightly out of tune with eachother for whatever reason, and I didn't arrange the song like one normally would first. I just played synth patches live all on top of eachother and edited later. Normally this out of tune craziness would really bother me, but I started to get into the chaos of it and I liked how I sounded so desperate in my vocals and thought "ok I can claim that is how it's supposed to be".

But you might want to know the details, yeah? So...