Drum Tracks

Not too exciting, but I did go with the sub theme. Besides the homer drums, there are three stereo drum tracks in this song. Normally I like to seperate kick/snare/hats, etc. like "proper" mix technique would dictate, but there's been an almost unstoppable wave of people putting drum tracks in stereo into their mix and leaving it be. I think this is cracked, but if I tweak my mind a little, call it electronica, and do something weird, I can force myself to try it. So I used the same Hydrogen pattern three times, which is actually a pattern from another song. I sped the original up (the other song is 90 bpm) and picked an acoustic sounding drum kit. I exported the pattern to a stereo wave file and imported each channel seperately into Ardour. Then I offset the right by two measures, which I really liked, because what happens is, it stays normal for the most part, except that every once in a while, a fill comes, and since it's offset, the fill will suddenly get pulled to the right, and then two measures later, you get pulled to the left a little.

Later in the mix I threw in the same pattern, but with a different drum kit, and at the end, I used yet a third drum kit and had them all come in together for a soup of banging goodness. Rock the Casbah. I didn't offset the second two tracks.

Just for the record, you can very easily seperate your drum tracks using Hydrogen, which is what I would normally do.

Hydrogen Pattern