Audio Visualizer: Trøllabundin






Demo Video: 

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The project will automatically be in microphone mode at the start, feel free to test it out! To switch to the narrative, click “N.” You will be taken on a path, and can pan the camera around using the arrow keys. There is no exit button currently, and the experience stops when the boat does. From there, just close the build program.


Production build: MacOS

Unity Zip Build Download

(note, BuildTest4 is the final build in the Unity Project)


Overall, I’m happy with the final result of my audio visualizer. I pivoted away from my original idea after re-discovering this particular performance of “Trøllabundin” by Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør Pálsdóttir, and I thought that the colors of my project so far matched the atmosphere of her performance. It made me think of traveling on a vast ocean, seeing rough cliffs and turbulent waves, but it also had an air of “mystery” to it. That inspired the placement of the weathered dragon statue surrounded by fog particles at the end of the experience. With regards to the audio, I experimented by adding an echo effect over the track, which originally had some but I want to emphasize that. I also added a subtle wind “woosh” in real-time, to add to the steadiness already present in the motion of the boat and the beat of the drum. To fill out the soundscape, I created random wave crashes using noise and envelopes, and also applied occasional seagull clips using envelopes. I experimented with the curvature of the spectrum circle, and really enjoyed seeing how the shape evolved over time. In making a steady path for the user to follow, I thought it fit nicely to have a “mysterious tunnel” that takes different shapes over time.


Regarding the project process, I had a good time experimenting with each new skill I learned from tutorials. From warping the circle shape, implementing object/camera movement, and playing with particle effects, a lot of my work was fine-tuning all the elements to fit a final result that I was satisfied with. I wanted to explore using Volumes, but at the time I was experiencing complications with my project, and could have potentially broken it if I went through with Volumes this time. Exploring how to integrate Chuck was also fun, though I still have much to learn. I would like to learn how to better utilize filters for effects as well as to get rid of unwanted noise in clips. The biggest obstacle was trying to reduce latency in the project. I did compensate for it in a few ways, but I realize it could be better (consistency is a bit hard, at times the build runs more smoothly, other times playing in the editor is better).


Thank you to Julia, Frankie, Alyssa, and Terry for the help on this project! Below are the assets and tutorials that I borrowed from: