The Bardo




This sequencer uses Gamelan instruments. Each one is playing a different rhythm that can be toggled. The musical form is very simple for the user and its interaction focuses on enabling the user to create a composition with the preset rhythms. It’s a pitched percussion instrument sequencer.


Instructions: Press Q, W, E, R to toggle the gong and bonang instruments. Press T, Y, U to toggle the layers of percussion.




This is inspired by the Gamelatron works by Aaron Taylor Kuffner. They are kinetic sonic sculptures. His digital compositions send impulses to the mallets.


The visual design inspiration is a spiritual one. It’s a mix of my interpretation of the Bardo experience, which is very scary, and Golb from Adventure Time. From the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo is the intermediate state between Death and Rebirth. In the Bardo you face Peaceful or Wrathful Deities, both kinds are teachers that you must confront calmly in order to attain Nirvana. 


I have not studied Gamelan music, and this is not in traditional musical form. My rhythms are lightly influenced from my studies in West African Drumming.


I imported the hammer and cone material from the asset store, and I made everything else with cubes and spheres. I’d like to thank Nick Shaheed for help explaining and coding.

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Gamelan sounds used