Music 256A, Stanford University Fall 2019
Andrea Baldioceda
Final Project

It's A Great Day ...

It's A Great Day... is an interactive social musical experience that will thake you on a journey through different landscapes to encounter music and friends.

You can download the executable here: It's A Great Day...


  • To run It's A Great Day... download the executable file. Double click the file to open it. Choose your preferred screen resolution and graphics quality, and press play!
  • To control the player use the arrow keys to move forward/backwards and rotate left/right. To rotate up/down click the F and V keys.
  • To dismiss messages press the Return/Enter key.
  • To click on buttons use the mouse.
  • Hope you like it! Have fun!

It's A Great Day... was made with Unity and Chunity (a ChucK plugin for Unity).

Video: To view a video of It's A Great Day... click here!