Roller-Skating Nuts!

If you go up into the mountains
on a bright and sunny day,
you'll find almonds and macadamia nuts
roller-skating away...


Nuts facing forward Nuts facing the back

Roller-Skating Nuts! is a music sequencer. Click around the loop to add and remove colored tiles, and watch your family of nuts translate them into music. Use the arrow keys to zoom in and out, and to rotate the camera.

  • Unity project files
  • Reflection

    I was very lucky to stumble upon these roller-skating nuts in the Unity Asset Store. They really are the core of this project, and made working on it much more joyful. I'm also pleasantly surprised by how this sequencer turned out, since it is very different than what I had planned to make.

    After Milestone 2, I wanted to make a super disco-y environment. I wanted a black background, strobe lights, a disco ball, and glowing tiles - but that vision became surprisingly difficult! I was using the standard renderer instead of URP (because of the nut assets) and wasn't able to make glow work on time. I also spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the tiles work. I wanted the ring to be comprised of tiles (instead of placing colored shapes on top of a solid ring). I tried using the Path Creator to generate individual wedge-shaped meshes for each tile, but that method was highly manual and wouldn't be reasonable to do for 6 concentric rings. I'm still wondering if there is an easier way to generate non-traditional shapes in Unity.

    Anyway, I still am happy with the way the sequencer looks now, and I'm continuing to be impressed by all the capabilities of ChucK and Unity! The one thing I would improve if I had more time now would be to make the rectangle length proportional to the ring's circumference, so that there'd be less empty space in the outer rings.


    Thank you to Julia for helping me figure out how to make a ring with the Path Creator, and to Ge for your support of this nutty idea! I used the following assets:

  • Nut Assets
  • Path Creator
  • Forest Environment
  • Bass (Red Tile)
  • Clap (Orange Tile)
  • Wah Dealio (Blue Tile)
  • Ahh (Pink Tile)

  • Milestone 2

    Here is my in-progress sequencer.

    I am still getting the basic mechanics to work. I want to have a bunch of nuts roller skating around an oval rink, which is comprised of concentric ovals made of tiles. Each nut will have its own ring, color, and sound. I want to emulate the tile + rainbow aesthetic of the roller rink below. I was in Philly this summer and would pass by it whenever I was downtown, and everyone always seemed to be having so much fun! I also want to play with animations and do 2x speed (since there is a running animation) as well as a first-person camera view. Still thinking about how I want it to sound.

    Philly Roller Rink

    Milestone 1

    Chickencer tutorial

    It was fun to go through the Chickencer tutorial! I did not use any premade assets (like the chickens) or animators in my visualizer, so it was helpful to see how that works, and how you can manipulate their size just like any other GameObject. I also liked getting a clearer sense of how to architect a Chunity project, and communicate information between Chuck and Unity. I did have to communicate information back and forth in my visualizer, but back then I was just messing things around until it worked.

    Sequencer research

    I'm really interested in making something friendly, cozy, possibly adorable. I like the use of multiple instruments and sound bites, as opposed to have each part of the sequence be an individual note. Here are some sequencers I found particularly relevant:

  • Yume
  • Chrome Music Lab
  • Fischinger Google Doodle
  • Vihart's Doodle Music
  • Isabelle's Treequencer from 2021
  • Julia's Pattern Patcher from 2021