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DEC PDP-10/11
1974 NSF proposal, "The computer simulation of music instrument tones in reverberant spaces"
1974 Draft proposal to establish CCRMA
1974 Draft proposal to establish CCRMA
16-Jan-1974 Cal Quate invention disclosure and subsequnet Yamaha correspondence
18-Jun-1974 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
13-Dec-1974 Letter to Yamaha regarding FM synthesis technique
12-Jan-1975 Oakland Tribune article about IRCAM/CCRMA collaboration
17-Dec-1975 Systems Concepts proposal for the Samson Box
5-Jan-1976 Invention disclosure and notes for Samson Box software
12-Feb-1976 Rolling Stone article on CCRMA
20-Mar-1976 Yamaha progress report for FM instrument
18-Oct-1976 Samson Box programming specification
18-Oct-1976 Samson Box programming specification
13-Jul-1977 MAD project report (Yamaha FM synthesizer) and notes from Hiro Kato
16-Sep-1977 Samson Box programming specification
16-Sep-1977 Samson Box programming specification
30-Oct-1977 Computer Music Conference schedule
15-Nov-1977 Draft of manual for Music 10
1978 Article on FM by Hiro Kato (Yamaha) for Japan Acoustical Society meeting
6-Mar-1978 NSF grant reviews, "Experiments in timbre perception"
18-Jun-1979 Letter from Yamaha to Chowning re: visit logistics and plans
Aug-1979 DCR Newsletter article on SAIL
12-Nov-1979 Palo Alto Times article about CCRMA
summer 1980 Computer Audio Research Laboratory (UCSD) progress report
Feb-1982 Description of recent research in computer music at CCRMA
1983 Curtis Roads interview of John Chowning
16-Mar-1983 Stanford Campus report article on CCRMA
Dec-1983 The AI Magazine article on SAIL
1985 YLEM Journal interview of Max Mathews
15-May-1989 Letter from Gordon Bell to John Chowning regarding Titan
7-May-1993 Letter from Masatada Wachi (Yamaha) to Chowning re: FM
9-Nov-1999 Email regarding Dave Poole's disappearance
Aug-2001 Sound On Sound article on the Yamaha GS1 and DX1
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
4-Aug-2009 Hiro Kato (Yamaha) presentation on FM technology history and significance
no date List of compositions/works realized at CCRMA since 1968
no date Engineering drawings for Samson Box
no date M station interview of Bill Schottstaedt
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These documents stem largely from the personal collections of various CCRMA-lites. The Special Collections at the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) contain 40 linear feet of additional archival materials. For contents and access, please see the SUL catalog entry and the Online Archive of California collection guide.