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Music I - X
16-Jan-1974 Cal Quate invention disclosure and subsequnet Yamaha correspondence
18-Jun-1974 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
16-Apr-1979 CalTech archives interview of John Pierce
Jun-1980 CMJ interview of Max Mathews
summer 1980 Computer Audio Research Laboratory (UCSD) progress report
Oct-1982 Stanford Department of Music news supplement article on CCRMA
1983 Curtis Roads interview of John Chowning
1985 YLEM Journal interview of Max Mathews
Dec-1987 Keyboard magazine article on CCRMA
19-Aug-1992 IEEE interview of John Pierce
1995 Stanford OTL newsletter article on Max Mathews and the radio baton
Nov-1996 Snapshot of website on Synthbuilder and Frankenstein
1-Apr-2000 Electronic Musician article on computers and analog synthesizers
Aug-2001 Sound On Sound article on the Yamaha GS1 and DX1
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
May-2008 CMJ interview of Max Mathews
2009 JIMA article on Yamaha/Stanford relationship by Hiro Kato (Yamaha)
4-Aug-2009 Hiro Kato (Yamaha) presentation on FM technology history and significance
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