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Yamaha DX/GS/TX
13-Jul-1977 MAD project report (Yamaha FM synthesizer) and notes from Hiro Kato
1-Mar-1981 Yamaha progress report for FM instrument
19-Dec-1981 Letter from Yamaha regarding availability of CE20 instrument
3-Mar-1982 Letter from Yamaha to Niels Reimers re: Chowning visit and instrument development
8-Apr-1983 Cover note and proposal from Chowning to Yamaha for a new composition to use GS1 and programmer
2-Nov-1983 Telex from Niels Reimers to Yamaha patent chief re: LSI markeging and trademark
22-Feb-1984 Letter from Hiro Kato (Yamaha) to John Pierce re: equipment shipment
1985 YLEM Journal interview of Max Mathews
1985 YLEM Journal interview of John Chowning
15-Jan-1985 Letter from John Pierce to Bill Hewlett to follow up on visit from Hewlett's son
15-Jan-1985 Letter from John Pierce to Dave Packard to follow up on visit from Packard's son
18-Jan-1985 Letter to Rockefeller Foundation regarding Artist-in-Residence program
11-Mar-1985 Memo from Chowning to Patte Wood re: administrative details
25-Apr-1985 San Francisco Chronicle article on university technology licensing
11-Sep-1985 Letter from Chowning to Yamaha to request equipment for digital recording studio
Nov-1985 FM royalty rate chart
Nov-1985 Aftertouch Magazine interview of John Chowning
12-Nov-1985 Email from Chowning to Yamaha re: "X" series impact and planned composition
13-Dec-1985 Letter to David Bristow re: visiting lecturer invitation
14-May-1986 Letter to request loan of equipment from Yamaha for use in summer workshop
27-Aug-1986 Letter from Yamaha re: omitted royalites
Sep-1986 Overview of the CCRMA digital audio facility
23-Sep-1986 NEA grant application to maintain audio and computer equipment
4-Nov-1986 Notes for use in FM license negotiation
27-Nov-1986 Letter from Yamaha Music Foundation to Chowning re: "Exploring Music Sound with X Synthesizers"
19-Dec-1986 Letter from Chowning to Yamaha Music Foundation re: book schedule
1987 Keyboard Magazine article about CCRMA
16-Sep-1987 NEA grant application to maintain audio and computer equipment
Dec-1987 Keyboard magazine article on CCRMA
29-Feb-1988 Draft of article on computer music and CCRMA
6-Sep-1989 Concept paper on digital music instrument algorithms, proposed to UTTI
9-May-1990 Attendees and agenda for CCRMA Associates meeting
27-Sep-1991 Letter from George Hasegawa (Yamaha) to Chowning re: visit plans
1992 Excerpt from 1992 OTL publication on top inventions
Mar-1994 Wired article on Stanford, CCRMA, and Yamaha
7-Jun-1994 Stanford press release on CCRMA
1996 Stanford OTL newsletter article on OTL 25th anniversary and history
Aug-2001 Sound On Sound article on the Yamaha GS1 and DX1
2009 JIMA article on Yamaha/Stanford relationship by Hiro Kato (Yamaha)
no date List of compositions/works realized at CCRMA since 1968
no date News article on CCRMA developments and DX7
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