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Yohei Nagai
19-Feb-1976 Invention disclosure and subsequent correspondence for Moorer FM improvement
14-Apr-1978 Letter from Yohei Nagai (Yamaha) to John Chowning re: trip to Japan and FM progress
18-Apr-1978 Reply letter from Chowning to Yohei Nagai (Yamaha) re: trip to Japan and FM progress
18-Apr-1978 Letter from Chowning to Yasunori Mochida (Yamaha) re: planned visit to Japan
1979 Schedule for John Chowning visit to Japan
12 par 1979 Letter from Hiro Kato (Yamaha) to John Chowning re: FM product development
18-Jun-1979 Letter from Yamaha to Chowning re: visit logistics and plans
20-Jun-1979 Patent validity opinion and cover letter
2-Nov-1979 Letter from Chowning to Yohei Nagai re: visit plans and correspondence
2-Nov-1979 Letter of thanks from Chowning to Yamaha Chairman of the Board following visit
13-Feb-1980 Letter from Yamaha to Stanford regarding Kawai patent infringement
29-Feb-1980 Letter from Stanford to Yamaha regarding Kawai patent infringement
29-Apr-1980 Telex from Chowning to Yamaha re: requested tone parameters
18-Jan-1984 Letter from Yohei Nagai (Yamaha) to Chowning re: wedding telegram
3-Jun-1986 Letter from Chris Chafe to Yohei Nagai following Japan visit
25-Aug-1988 Telegraph to Yohei Nagai from John Chowning re: visit to CCRMA
19-Sep-1988 Letter from John Chowning to Yohei Nagai re: music technology conference
9-Mar-1989 Letter of thanks from Julius Smith to Yohei Nagai
18-Apr-1989 Cover letter for photos from Yohei Nagai to Patte Wood
12-Mar-1990 Correspondence re: Yamaha request for demonstration recordings
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