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David Jaffe
Feb-1982 Description of recent research in computer music at CCRMA
2-Aug-1982 Newsweek article about electronic music
Oct-1982 Stanford Department of Music news supplement article on CCRMA
16-Mar-1983 Stanford Campus report article on CCRMA
18-Apr-1983 SDF grant request to support John Pierce at CCRMA
23-Apr-1983 Letter and memo from John Pierce to SDF re: observations of CCRMA
26-May-1983 MIT, Stanford, and UCSD joint proposal for computer music research
17-Oct-1983 NEA grant application to record works by Schottstaedt, Jaffe and Chafe
Jan-1984 Stanford Department of Music newsletter article on NEA grants
25-Sep-1985 NEA grant application supplement and budget justification
Sep-1986 Overview of the CCRMA digital audio facility
23-Sep-1986 NEA grant application to maintain audio and computer equipment
25-Sep-1986 NEA grant application for recording of Chowning works
1987 Keyboard Magazine article about CCRMA
Dec-1987 Keyboard magazine article on CCRMA
16-Apr-1988 Postcard from David Jaffe to CCRMA re: Yamaha visit
1990 Lists of CCRMA grants received from the NEA
27-Sep-1991 Advertisement for tribute concert for Max Mathews and Leon Theremin
1992 Computer Music Journal concert review for Stanford Centennial Finale
14-Apr-1992 Email from Bill Schottastaedt about early Samson Box pieces
18-May-1992 Commentary and draft of proposed amendment to CCRMA-NeXT agreement
20-May-1992 Proposed amendment to CCRMA-NeXT agreement
31-Aug-1992 Email announcement of Music Kit and DSP tools distribution
28-Oct-1992 Email announcement of Music Kit and DSP tools distribution
2-Nov-1992 Contract between Stanford and PRI for MusicKit development
13-Sep-1995 Analysis of Korg patent validity
1996 Report on Residency and Exchange Program in New Music Technology
Nov-1996 Snapshot of website on Synthbuilder and Frankenstein
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
no date Generator Processing description for Samson Box
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