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Perry Cook
13-Jun-1979 Summary for NSF proposal, "Intelligent Systems for Music Analysis"
Oct-1982 Stanford Department of Music news supplement article on CCRMA
21-May-1987 Draft proposal for Marsalis "Computer Jam" project
9-Dec-1987 Letter to Barry Truax regarding Benchmark CD project (SDF)
9-Jun-1989 Invention disclosure for Acoustical Brass MIDI Instrument
15-Aug-1989 Letter to United Musical Instruments re: Acoustical Brass MIDI Instrument
17-Aug-1989 Final report for NEA grant for Morrill/Marsalis project
6-Sep-1989 Concept paper on digital music instrument algorithms, proposed to UTTI
5-Apr-1990 Invention disclosure for Articulatory Speech Tracker (Perry Cook)
9-May-1990 Attendees and agenda for CCRMA Associates meeting
6-Jul-1990 Chicago Tribune article on CCRMA, Perry Cook and voice synthesis
21-Sep-1991 Letter of thanks from Yamaha to Chowning following visit (Radio Drum and Cook vocal work)
1992 Computer Music Journal concert review for Stanford Centennial Finale
19-May-1992 Email from John Chowning to Steve Jobs re: NeXT MusicKit
9-Nov-1992 Letter from CCRMA to NeXT re: MusicKit maintenance and distribution
4-Dec-1992 Proposal for MA degree in Musical Acoustics, Perception and Synthesis
1993 Fellowship application to Acoustical Society of America for Perry Cook
Mar-1994 Wired article on Stanford, CCRMA, and Yamaha
7-Jun-1994 Stanford press release on CCRMA
10-Nov-1994 Email re: patent income and endowment
5-Dec-1995 Email from Perry Cook regarding potential patent infringement (physical modeling)
15-Jan-1997 Stanford News Service article on Chris Chafe and Celletto
Jul-2011 Duke Magazine profile of Ge Wang
23-Nov-2011 NY Times article about Smule, Ge Wang, and Jeff Smith
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