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CCRMA Overviews, listed chronologically
1-Dec-1977 CCRMA Overview
Aug-1979 CCRMA Overview
1982 CCRMA roster (faculty, staff, students, visitors and consultants)
1982 Roster of CCRMA staff, faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars and composers
Feb-1982 Descriptions of recent research at CCRMA
1983 CCRMA overview
Sep-1983 CCRMA overview
Sep-1983 CCRMA Overview
1984? Listing of composers and musicians at CCRMA
1984? CCRMA roster (faculty, staff, students, visitors and consultants)
Aug-1984 CCRMA progress report
Aug-1985 CCRMA progress report
Sep-1986 Overview of the CCRMA digital audio facility
Sep-1986 CCRMA Overview
1987 CCRMA Overview
Sep-1987 CCRMA Overview
26-Oct-1987 Roster of users, staff, faculty, students, visiting scholars/composers
1988 List of composers/musicians at CCRMA, 1985-1988
Mar-1988 List of courses and roster of staff, faculty, students and visitors
Mar-1988 CCRMA Overview
1989 CCRMA roster
1990 CCRMA roster
1990 List of composers/musicians at CCRMA, 1988-1990
Apr-1990 CCRMA roster
1993 CCRMA overview
1994 List of CCRMA people in various years (prepared for OTL report)
Apr-1994 CCRMA overview
Sep-1994 CCRMA overview
Aug-1996 CCRMA Overview
Jan-1998 CCRMA Overview
Mar-1999 CCRMA Overview
Apr-2000 CCRMA Overview
Jul-2001 CCRMA Overview
Apr-2002 CCRMA Overview
Apr-2003 CCRMA Overview
no date CCRMA overview
no date Brief history of CCRMA
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These documents stem largely from the personal collections of various CCRMA-lites. The Special Collections at the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) contain 40 linear feet of additional archival materials. For contents and access, please see the SUL catalog entry and the Online Archive of California collection guide.