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Systems Concepts
1974 NSF proposal, "The computer simulation of music instrument tones in reverberant spaces"
18-Jun-1974 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
4-Nov-1975 Samson Box proposal to Stanford from Systems Concepts
11-Nov-1975 Samson Box proposal to Stanford from Systems Concepts
17-Dec-1975 Systems Concepts proposal for the Samson Box
5-Jan-1976 Invention disclosure and notes for Samson Box software
12-Jan-1976 Purchase order and acceptance plan for Samson Box
14-Jan-1976 Samson Box proposal and correspondence re: option agreement
6-Feb-1976 Letter from Systems Concepts re: revisions to option agreement
11-Feb-1976 Pete Samson's thoughts on software for the Samson Box
16-Feb-1976 Proposal for low- to intermediate-level music language for Samson Box
26-Feb-1976 Amendment to option agreement between Systems Concepts and Stanford
26-Feb-1976 Option agreement between Stanford and Systems Concepts for Samson Box software
18-Oct-1976 Samson Box programming specification
18-Oct-1976 Samson Box programming specification
30-Nov-1976 Budget statement for NSF grant
16-Sep-1977 Samson Box programming specification
16-Sep-1977 Samson Box programming specification
26-Sep-1977 Purchase order and memo re: option agreement w/Systems Concepts
18-Oct-1977 Samson Box log book
30-Oct-1977 Samson Box description, Bell Labs papers on digital synthesizers, and conference schedule
7-Nov-1977 Notes from meeting to discuss acceptance plan for Samson Box
15-Nov-1977 Frmins.sai file header
30-Nov-1977 Samson Box log book
8-Dec-1977 Acceptance plan for Samson Box
9-Dec-1977 Acceptance plan for Samson Box
1978? OTL memo regarding Systems Concepts option
7-Feb-1978 Request for schematic drawings and manual (Samson Box acceptance plan)
20-Mar-1978 Documents related to delivery of Samson Box
14-Jul-1978 Samson Box specifications
17-Jul-1979 Lower.txt code and descriptions for Samson Box
12-Nov-1979 Palo Alto Times article about CCRMA
24-Nov-1979 NEA grant application draft to upgrade digital synthesizer
30-Jan-1980 NEA budget justification for "Centers for New Music Resources"
1-Feb-1980 Memo re: status of various Stanford inventions
5-Nov-1982 SDF meeting schedule
25-Aug-1983 Expense transfer for Systems Concepts invoice
1985 YLEM Journal interview of John Chowning
1987 Keyboard Magazine article about CCRMA
19-Mar-1997 Email from Gary Kendall to John Strawn re: Samson Box mailings
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
no date Engineering drawings for Samson Box
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These documents stem largely from the personal collections of various CCRMA-lites. The Special Collections at the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) contain 40 linear feet of additional archival materials. For contents and access, please see the SUL catalog entry and the Online Archive of California collection guide.