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Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL)
30-Oct-1970 Map and building diagram for DC Power lab
Jul-1973 Report on the first ten years of SAIL
17-Jul-1973 SAIL map, project listing, and people listing
1974 Draft proposal to establish CCRMA
1974 Draft proposal to establish CCRMA
18-Jun-1974 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
23-Oct-1974 Letter to Stanford music Chair about IRCAM/CCRMA collaboration
12-Jan-1975 Oakland Tribune article about IRCAM/CCRMA collaboration
8-Aug-1975 Newspaper article about IRCAM/CCRMA collaboration
18-Oct-1977 Samson Box log book
15-Nov-1977 Draft of manual for Music 10
15-Nov-1977 Mbox.sai code and comments
15-Nov-1977 Frmins.sai file header
16-Nov-1977 Interm.sai code and comments for Samson Box
30-Nov-1977 Samson Box log book
3-Jan-1978 Samins.sai code and comments for Samson Box
1-Apr-1978 Cover letter from Yamaha to accompany FM MOS chips
14-Apr-1978 Letter from Yohei Nagai (Yamaha) to John Chowning re: trip to Japan and FM progress
24-Apr-1979 Letter from Chowning to Gordon Bell re: AI "divorce" and fundraising
17-Jul-1979 Lower.txt code and descriptions for Samson Box
9-Aug-1979 Memo re: AI move and DC Power Lab furniture, equipment and storage
14-Aug-1979 Memo re: AI move and DC Power Lab furniture, equipment and storage
16-Aug-1979 Letter from Patte Wood to John Chowning re: logistics following AI "split"
16-Aug-1979 Memo re: AI move and DC Power Lab phone lines
23-Aug-1979 Memo to CCRMA re: furniture requirements and space utilization
16-Sep-1979 Memo re: plan for funding system for CCRMA
Dec-1979 UCSD Center for Music Experiment newsletter
26-Mar-1982 Letter from Yamaha to request statement of paper availability for use in patent dispute with Kawai
20-May-1982 Budget proposal for SDF
18-Jan-1984 Letter from Yohei Nagai (Yamaha) to Chowning re: wedding telegram
1985 Excerpt on John Chowning from the book "Charged Bodies"
15-Jan-1985 Letter from Chowning to Joseph Engelberger to solicit support for Invisible Cities
Dec-1987 Keyboard magazine article on CCRMA
7-Jun-1994 Stanford press release on CCRMA
Jan-1998 Stanford Today article on university technology licensing and Sondius XG
9-Nov-1999 Email regarding Dave Poole's disappearance
no date Description of SCORE music printing system
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These documents stem largely from the personal collections of various CCRMA-lites. The Special Collections at the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) contain 40 linear feet of additional archival materials. For contents and access, please see the SUL catalog entry and the Online Archive of California collection guide.