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Stanford Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
5-Jan-1976 Invention disclosure and notes for Samson Box software
13-Jan-1976 Agreement between Stanford and Chowning re: Samson Box software
6-Feb-1976 Letter from Systems Concepts re: revisions to option agreement
19-Feb-1976 Invention disclosure and subsequent correspondence for Moorer FM improvement
26-Feb-1976 Amendment to option agreement between Systems Concepts and Stanford
27-Apr-1976 Letter from Stanford to Yamaha re: Chowning visit and other inventions
1978? OTL memo regarding Systems Concepts option
1-Apr-1978 Cover letter from Yamaha to accompany FM MOS chips
1-May-1981 License agreement with Yamaha
3-Mar-1982 Letter from Yamaha to Niels Reimers re: Chowning visit and instrument development
7-Apr-1982 Letter from Yamaha patent chief to Niels Reimers re: Atari sublicense
Mar-1983 Brochure on Industry-Sponsored Research at Stanford
19-Oct-1983 Telex from Yamaha patent chief to Niels Reimers re: FM LSI sales and apparatuses
30-Nov-1983 Stanford OTL memo and notes re: FM negotiation
17-Dec-1984 Letter from Yamaha to Stanford re: yen/dollar exchange rate
15-Feb-1985 Stanford OTL memo re: FM patent license inquiry
1-Mar-1985 Letter from Yamaha director to Niels Reimers re: FM progress and applications
18-Apr-1985 Letter from Yamaha to Niels Reimers re: sine summation technique
31-Jan-1986 Telex from Yamaha patent chief to Nies Reimers re: changed fiscal period and payment schedule
27-Aug-1986 Letter from Yamaha re: omitted royalites
2-Oct-1986 Telex from Yamaha re: FM patent and Casio, and Julius Smith reverberation technology
15-Oct-1986 Letter from Niels Reimers to Yamaha re: possible Casio patent infringement
1-Oct-1987 Letter from Yamaha to notify Stanford of name change
10-Feb-1988 Stanford Campus Report article on patent royalties
24-Oct-1988 Memo from Stanford OTL to Office of Development re: digital waveguide
9-Jun-1989 Invention disclosure for Acoustical Brass MIDI Instrument
15-Aug-1989 Letter to United Musical Instruments re: Acoustical Brass MIDI Instrument
17-Aug-1989 Final report for NEA grant for Morrill/Marsalis project
22-Nov-1989 Update to CCRMA three-year plan
19-Mar-1991 Stanford Campus Report article on Niels Reimers resignation (OTL)
2-Apr-1991 Letter from Chowning to Stanford Dean of Research re: OTL Research Incentive Fund
31-May-1991 Award letter from OTL Research Incentive Fund, "Human voice analysis, recognition, and synthesis"
9-Dec-1991 Letter re: Biomuse patent money and further development
1992 Excerpt from 1992 OTL publication on top inventions
10-Jun-1992 Memo of OTL Research Incentive Fund award to Chowning and Smith
7-Oct-1993 Employment agreement for Sondius development (David Jaffe)
29-Oct-1993 Music department vision statement
Mar-1994 Wired article on Stanford, CCRMA, and Yamaha
18-Apr-1994 Letter regarding Julius Smith proposal to OTL Research Incentive Fund
7-Jun-1994 Stanford press release on CCRMA
24-Aug-1994 IP and employment agreement for Sondius development (Scott Van Duyne)
22-Sep-1994 IP and employment agreement for Sondius development (Pat Scandalis)
19-Oct-1994 Stanford Daily article on Sondius, physical modeling and CCRMA
1995 Stanford OTL newsletter article on top inventions
1995 Stanford OTL newsletter article on Max Mathews and the radio baton
19-May-1995 Sondius license agreement between Stanford and Media Vision
13-Sep-1995 Analysis of Korg patent validity
18-Oct-1995 Employment agreement for Sondius development (Nick Porcaro)
6-Nov-1995 Emails from Simon Ellis (Intel) and Pat Scandalis re: waveguide synthesis
5-Dec-1995 Email from Perry Cook regarding potential patent infringement (physical modeling)
1996 Stanford OTL newsletter article on OTL 25th anniversary and history
1996 Accounting report for waveguide/Sondius development
27-Mar-1996 Email from Pat Scandalis to Mary Watanabe re: Sondius
Nov-1996 Snapshot of website on Synthbuilder and Frankenstein
1997 Stanford OTL newsletter article on Sondius XG
1997 Stanford OTL newsletter article on celebration (with Sondius XG mention)
16-Jul-1997 Stanford Report article on Sondius XG
7-Aug-1997 Receipt for Stanford stock in Staccato Systems
1998 Stanford OTL newsletter article on SUTECH trademark
Jan-1998 Stanford Today article on Experiments in Music Intelligence (EMI)
9-Nov-1999 Letter re: royalty sharing for Sondius and Sondius XG
2000 Excerpt from Stanford OTL 1999-2000 annual report
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
27-Mar-2003 Snapshot of webpage on top 10 Stanford inventions
2005 Excerpt from Stanford OTL 2004-2005 annual report
2009 JIMA article on Yamaha/Stanford relationship by Hiro Kato (Yamaha)
no date Stanford News Service article on OTL Research Incentive Funds
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