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1986 List of commitments and retained IP rights for Julius Smith
5-Feb-1986 Cover memo and letter to Gordon Getty from John Chowning
24-Oct-1988 Memo from Stanford OTL to Office of Development re: digital waveguide
12-Dec-1988 Letter from John Chowning to Yamaha regarding NeXT and CD-MIDI
22-Nov-1989 Update to CCRMA three-year plan
15-Nov-1990 Memo to accounce the retirement of the Foonly and the Samsonbox
1991 Julius Smith ICMC keynote address
18-May-1992 Commentary and draft of proposed amendment to CCRMA-NeXT agreement
19-May-1992 Email from John Chowning to Steve Jobs re: NeXT MusicKit
20-May-1992 Proposed amendment to CCRMA-NeXT agreement
1-Aug-1992 Software license agreement b/t CCRMA and NeXT for Music Kit
31-Aug-1992 Email announcement of Music Kit and DSP tools distribution
28-Oct-1992 Email announcement of Music Kit and DSP tools distribution
2-Nov-1992 Contract between Stanford and PRI for MusicKit development
9-Nov-1992 Letter from CCRMA to NeXT re: MusicKit maintenance and distribution
16-Nov-1992 Software license agreement with Ariel Corp. for Bug56
4-Dec-1992 Proposal for MA degree in Musical Acoustics, Perception and Synthesis
7-Oct-1993 Employment agreement for Sondius development (David Jaffe)
17-Feb-1994 Email and joint-proposal draft on sonification research
5-Apr-1994 Email from Julius Smith re: waveguide press coverage
14-Feb-1995 Summary of expenses
20-May-1995 Snapshot of CCRMA website on select research activities
18-Oct-1995 Employment agreement for Sondius development (Nick Porcaro)
1996 Report on Residency and Exchange Program in New Music Technology
Nov-1996 Snapshot of website on Synthbuilder and Frankenstein
16-Jul-1997 Stanford Report article on Sondius XG
2002 Snapshot of webpage on history of hardware at CCRMA
no date List of compositions/works realized at CCRMA since 1968
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