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16-Apr-1979 CalTech archives interview of John Pierce
Jun-1980 CMJ interview of Max Mathews
1983 Curtis Roads interview of John Chowning
1985 YLEM Journal interview of Max Mathews
1985 YLEM Journal interview of John Chowning
Nov-1985 Aftertouch Magazine interview of John Chowning
19-Aug-1992 IEEE interview of John Pierce
22-Nov-1997 Kalvos and Damian interview of Matthew Fields
1-Feb-2005 MIX magazine interview of John Chowning
May-2008 CMJ interview of Max Mathews
17-Feb-2009 U.S.O. Project interview of Andy Moorer
9-May-2011 Geeta Dayal interview of Max Mathews
no date M station interview of Bill Schottstaedt

* I'm still in the process of cleaning up the transcriptions of the dozens of interviews conducted for The Sound of Innovation and having them reviewed by the respective interviewees for posting. Stay tuned...
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These documents stem largely from the personal collections of various CCRMA-lites. The Special Collections at the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) contain 40 linear feet of additional archival materials. For contents and access, please see the SUL catalog entry and the Online Archive of California collection guide.