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Chapters 8-9
Ch. 8, Fn. 3 Letters to the Editor (CMJ) in response to CCRMA critique
Ch. 8, Fn. 28 Ge Wang TEDx talk, "THIS is computer music" (video)
Ch. 8, Fn. 32 Chris Chafe and Lia Cook, "Su Brain" sonification example (video)
Ch. 8, Fn. 37 Chowning, "Voices" (video)
Ch. 8, Fn. 40 Homepage for the Icons of Sound project at Stanford
Ch. 8, Fn. 40 Capella Romana performance using acoustics simulated from the Hagia Sophia (video)
Ch. 8, Fn. 44 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
Ch. 9, Fn. 19 NEA proposal, "The computer music facility: A new musical medium"
Ch. 9, Fn. 20 UCSD Center for Music Experiment newsletter
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