• SMSPlus: Spectral modeling for composition. A system of routines and instruments integrating MatLab, Lisp-CLM and C packages to allow for high quality 3D visualization and real-time transformation and resynthesis of normalized, post-processed SMS files.
  • SMSphrase: Real-time transformation and resynthesis of musical phrases in SMS.
  • Grain: A package for real-time granular synthesis in Lisp-C.
  • BaBoLisp: Adaptation of Davide Rochesso's `Ball within a Box' physical modelling technic for room simulation to Lisp-C. Improvement by adding to the model a selective version of the `virtual room' method for calculating wall reflections on quad and stereo environments.
  • RecTrack: Tracking of musical events in recordings. Inputs are: piano recording and its (Musdata encoded) score. Output is a list of time events of notes captured in time. Orientated by Prof. Eleanor Selfridge-Field.
  • InverseFFT: A version of Xavier Rodet's patented algorithm for real-time additive synthesis using the IFFT (realized from very scarse bibliography). Application for SMS resynthesis. In collaboration with Xavier Serra.
  • SMSview: Additions to Xavier Serra's Objective-C SMS application. Added 3D displays, better viewing of stochastic part, speed improvements.
  • LPC: An alteration to the linear-prediction model for voice analysis-resynthesis resulting in great improvements in resynthesis quality. Conventional problems like `buzzy' quality and loss of coloration are substantially corrected. Oriented by Prof. Perry Cook.


  • MS-80: Experimental Digital Synthesizer. A master/slaves music system based on the 80286 and four z80s. Wrote the software (Object Pascal and both z80 and 80x86 Assemblers) and coordinated the hardware design. Techniques used were many, including Wavetable and FM synthesis. Work advised by Raimundo Cavalcante and Jamary Oliveira