Water Wheel Beat Box Controller {Lab 5}

After spending some time pondering in the Max Lab, I decided that I wanted to be slightly irreverent in my circuit design in this lab. Therefore, I decided that my mini-instrument would have to make sound by interacting with water!

I decided to go on Amazon and buy a water wheel toy and tear it apart. For my final design the water wheel would be attached to a DC motor (in this scenario the motor would act in a reciprocal manner to its usual use). The motor's rpm would influence the music's bpm and pitch. Meanwhile, an FSR mounted on my instrument would change timbre.

I had to take care in building my instrument to avoid waterborne disasters. I housed everything in/on a metal bike stem holder. I tried to seal and isolate all the electrical contacts, and send a nice ribbon cable back to my non-shorted arduino.

Finally, I convinced my girlfriend to try out the instrument in our kitchen. She obliged: