Music 220a -- Homework 2

Stereo Binaural File

  • BinauralSaloonP2.wav
  • Four Mono Tracks

  • FL.wav
  • FR.wav
  • BL.wav
  • BR.wav
  • Original tracks

  • These sounds were all taken from Username of each author is listed.
  • Ambient Wind-thanvannispen
  • Old Timey Saloon Piano- razzvio
  • Ambient Bottles- volivieri
  • Revolver cock- dredile
  • Revolver cock 2- dredile
  • Gunshot- shawnyboy
  • Harmonica- irishcinema
  • Chuck Files

  • The and files provided for the purposes of the project.
  • Description

    This project was a collaboration between myself and another member of the class, James Everett. Together, our goal was to create a humorous original play set in a rich texture of voices and sounds, an old timey Saloon. We each took charge of one half of the play, and mine was the second half (look at James's homework for the first half!) The second half picks up right after the antagonist, Wet Willy enters the saloon, looking for trouble with Dirty Dan. They talk for a while about their tumultuous past together before the showdown starts. The piano player in the back picks up a harmonica to get everyone in the mood for a good old shootout. You can hear the two fire from each side of the saloon... But who will come out standing?