free audio software:
ardour — ardour will require a $1 monthly subscription fee to download.
subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.
logic pro x — free 90-day trial

free content:
freesound.orgfree audio files — archival footage / media

usb microphone:
audio-technica condenser microphone
samson go mic
blue snowball iCE


smartphone compatible microphones:
purple panda microphone kit
rode microphone
comica shotgun microphone

Audio Recording With a Smartphone, Wild Mountain Echoes
record better audio with your smartphone


digital tools:
loopback — audio routing to DAW from browser/applications/software
MOREC — smartphone audio recorder app
natural readercomputerized voices
moises — AI track separator
smuleaudio applications
seaquence — make music and generate audio creatures in a petri dish
max msp/jitter — audiovisual + electronics software
VIZZable — video plugin for max for live


What is an Audio Interface?, MUSICREPO
How to Choose an Audio Interface, MUSICREPO

Using Audacity
Complete Tutorial Guide to Audacity for Beginners
Audacity Compressor and Equalization

max msp (audio)
max jitter (video)
max for live


circuit bending + hacking:

How to Begin a Circuit Bending Project

Circuit Bending for Beginners (Part 1-4)

Lo-fi Tape Delay