Aug 26-31, 2013

5 days of design and 3D printing with music in mind

Water Whistle

Cheng Shu modelled a water whistling vessel after a ceramic one. After many iterations on the mouthpiece it finally sang

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Flute Insert

Katherine Saenger replicated an invention by Raoul fajardo: The tipple-wedge, a tapering insert for the flute to test incremental changes to the bore diameter.

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Washboard for Dax

Michael J Dunlap discovered how to bring spreadsheet data into solid works to propogate ridges along a plate in various patterns. We played his percussion instrument on an amplified box.

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Slide Flute

Fangyu Ke made slide whistles. The plunger for one was adapted to the ovoid shape of the column she found.

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Pretzel Flute

Marlo Kohn and John Granzow made this pretzl flute, to explore geometries difficult to do with other manufacturing methods.

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i-phone slide

Dave Kerr prototyped his slide whistle i-phone case. The stylus is the slide.

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