The Synthesis ToolKit (STK) in C++


The Synthesis ToolKit (STK) is a set of audio signal processing C++ classes and instruments for music synthesis. STK can be used for both realtime and non-realtime synthesis and provides a variety of input and output file formats. STK does not provide a refined graphical user interface. Rather, it serves primarily as a set of "tools" for C++ programmers to rapidly prototype audio algorithms.

STK currently runs with realtime support (audio and MIDI) on SGI (Irix), Linux, and Windows computer platforms. Generic, non-realtime support has been tested under NeXTStep, but should work with any standard C++ compiler.

Downloading, Unpacking, and Compiling the Source

A Demo of the Projects

Example Programs without Control Input

A Tutorial is Born (barely)

Control Message Format & Sources

Parsing Control Messages

Suggested Lab Session Tasks

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