Introduction to CLM

Lecture Slides

A series of gif images of the lecture slides... (only accesible from within Stanford University)

Some pointers...

A pretty good and short introduction to some Lisp concepts.

The on-line clm distribution (source code, examples and so on...

The on-line "CLM Manual".

The on-line "snd Manual".

Emacs resources:

Emacs cheat sheet
the most commonly used commands
References materials
getting started, reference card, the complete manual in html and more...
XEmacs Home Page
the official home of the xemacs editor...

To do...

Read the Simp Dissection Tutorial and dive into an anatomically correct view of the entrails of our basic example clm instrument. This is just a start and quite dense reading but worth it (I hope). It will introduce a lot of lisp concepts you'll find useful in understanding, modifying and creating clm instruments.

Login into a linux workstation and create some sound using clm. Learn the basic commands of the xemacs editor and the compilation sequence in lisp so that you are comfortable with the whole process.

In more detail:

Here are the files I created while doing the tutorial this morning... the only ones of interest are the ones ending in ".lisp" and ".ins".

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