* *CANCELLED** Building Audio Control Interfaces for Android

Workshop Date: 
Mon, 07/30/2012 - Fri, 08/03/2012
  Lawrence Fyfe and Adam Tindale

Description: This workshop will show participants how to develop sound and music control applications for Android devices. To build applications, participants will be introduced to JunctionBox for Android, an interaction toolkit that makes it easy to map touch actions to Open Sound Control (OSC) messages that can then be sent to any audio engine that supports OSC (like ChucK, Pd, Supercollider, etc.). With JunctionBox + audio engine, participants will be able to build their own sound and music controller.

Workshop structure: Instructors will lecture in the mornings with afternoons being devoted to hands on work with JunctionBox and Android. The last day of the workshop will give participants and opportunity to show their work in a small demo/concert.
This workshop is intended for: Composers, musicians, programmers, or any combination of the three. Participants should have at least some familiarity with programming, preferably with either Processing or Java. In addition, participants should be familiar with basic sound programming using ChucK, Pd, Supercollider, or some other sound development environment capable of receiving OSC messages. The workshop is BYOA (Bring Your Own Android). However, participants may contact the instructors well in advance of the workshop if a device is required. Note: devices *must* run Android OS 2.2 or higher.