CCRMA Summer Workshops

David P. Berners

David P. Berners is Director of Algorithm Development of Universal Audio, Inc., a hardware and software manufacturer for the
professional audio market.  At UA, Dr. Berners leads research and development efforts in audio effects processing, including dynamic
range compression, equalization, distortion and delay effects, and specializing in modeling of vintage analog equipment.  He is also a
visiting scholar at CCRMA at Stanford University, where he teaches a graduate class in audio effects processing.  Dr. Berners was
previously with Aureal Semiconductor where he developed pitch shifting, harmonizing and other audio signal processing algorithms,
and has held positions at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Allied Signal.  He received his Ph.D. from
Stanford University, M.S. from Caltech, and his S.B. from MIT, all in electrical engineering.