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Week 2 Enrolled in the class!

Week 3 I've been looking at flute physical modeling and existing block diagram implementations: Also installed STK and implemented its flute model!

Week 4 Installed JUCE and got a basic program with a workable interface (1 slider for air speed)!

Week 5 Looking into DSP in JUCE (shying away from STK). Beginning to implement block diagrams from scratch!

Week 6 Implemented the block diagram in JUCE and got working sound output. However, found that I am not satisfied with any of the existing flute physical modeling approaches!

Week 7 Reading into the fundamental physics of flute acoustics, including pitch-synchronous pulsed noise: Testing Helmholtz resonators as an input source!

Week 8 Could not find better alternative to white noise as the input. Now shifting focus to experimenting with excitations at different harmonics!

Week 9 Continuing to refine model, including adding linearly interpolating delay lines. Mapped single input parameter of air speed to flute model parameters!

Week 10 Presented the project!