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This page contains the blog entries associated with the design of the Solar Genesis II Project.

Project blog

April 10

  • Demonstration of the WFS system in the Listening room and the Fantasia video in class.

April 12

  • First discussion about the piece with Prof. Aquilanti. The other instrument will probably be a cello.

April 16-17

  • Meeting and discussion with Jens Ahrens at the Linux Audio Conference

April 19

  • For next class:
    • Check Risset's pieces,
    • Create a test for the WFS in the listening room.
  • Idea: conversion of the trajectories in the solar system to Bezier curves for a smoother contour.

April 23

  • Tested the MIDI samples salamander (with Qsampler) for the virtual instrument with Nando.

April 25

  • Implemented a simple plane wave WFS (16 channels) in ChucK.
    • Note: ChucK can't handle 32 channels

April 29

  • Started 3D implementation in Processing

April 30

  • Started implementation of the WFS in Faust (based on the code of J.O. Smith) to circumveine the limitation of ChucK. Compilation rather as a Jack plugin since a UGen could be limited on a similar way as the tested code last week.

May 1

  • Started porting solar system code to C++. It should be more efficient than ChucK, the information would be sent to the other part of the piece via OSC.

May 3

  • Discussed with Nando to get better MIDI samples for the computer-generated piano

May 4

  • Discussed with Carr to know the status of the Disklavier in the classroom. I'll be checking the system next week to (hopefully) get it to work.

May 5

  • Porting of the solar system code in C++ completed.

May 9

  • First prototype for 3D vizualization

May 15

  • Figured out how to enable OSC support on Faust standalone jack plugins

May 16

  • Planar wave WFS jack plugin tested in the Listening Room
  • New Chuck beta version fixes the running problem for large number of channels

May 18

  • Implementation of observer movement in the system

May 20

  • Addition of star background in processing to improve the spatial impression.

May 21

  • Test of the point source WFS Faust plugin in the Listening Room was unsuccessful. The spatial impression was very disappointing. Reasons for this phenomenon unknown so far.