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The idea is to create new musical instruments for people with limited mobility.

links: some of these are kinda random...just 'linkstorming' I guess...

prior art:

references from kind CCRMA folk

  • Frank Wilson - neurosurgeon at Stanford who dealt extensively with musicians who had health/mobility issues that forced them to stop playing.

His book, The Hand, which deals more with the idea that the development of the human hand had a much stronger impact on the evolution of the brain and language than we previously thought. -From Michael Gurevich

  • Ronal Ford Myspace Turning wheelchair into a musical controller. Might be interesting to talk to. -From Luke Dahl.
  • Aphasia Perry Cook possibly related Princeton project. -From Ge Wang.
  • The Drum Gum the drum gum is supposed to make it possible for one-legged drummers to open and

close a hi-hat. -From Ed Berdahl

  • Haptic Drumstick The haptic drumstick makes it easy to play drum rolls single-handedly, so it would be

helpful for drummers who have lost one arm. -From Ed Berdahl


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