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Editing soundfiles with SND

To edit soundfiles using SND, good advice is to use 'emacs-like' keyboard combinations (see below), and then try them on a SND listener window. To make things easier start with a short (3 secs) mono (one-channel) soundfile.

c-x means control-x or the keyboard combination <ctrl>-<x>
M-x means meta-x and at CCRMA is the keyboard combination <esc>-<x>

If you have a soundfile in the active window try the following combinations and watch the cursor in the displayed soundfile active window. If you don't have a soundfile you can use the open command in the file pull-down menu of SND.


c-a: move cursor to window start
c-e: move cursor to window end
c-v: move cursor to mid-window
c-l: position window so cursor is in the middle
c-f: move cursor ahead one sample
c-b: move cursor back one sample
c-q: play current channel starting at cursor
c-t: stop playing
c-[Space]: start selection definition
c-m: place (or remove) mark at cursor location
c-j: goto mark
c-w: delete (cut) current region
M-w: (copy) current region
c-y: paste in last deleted region
c-_: undo
c-x c-s: save your current edition.

Playing a Soundfile

  • To play a sound file from a place other than the beginning:
    • Activate sync or sync/unite modes in the lower right check-boxes
    • Create a synchronize marker by:
 '''c-s-M''' (control-shift capital M)

You should you get markers for all the channels.

    • To play from that location just click on the triangle in any of the markers.
    • Playback should start.
    • You can also move this markers and even 'rock the reels' by dragging the mouse.
  • More complex operations:
    • Move forward or backward in the soundfile using the following combinations:
      c-a            ;;; move cursosr to the beginning
      c-u 0.4 c-f    ;;; move cursor forward 0.4 seconds
      c-e            ;;; move cursor to the end
      c-u 1.12 c-b   ;;; nove cursor backwards 1.12 seconds
      c-[Space]      ;;; start selection definition
      c-e            ;;; a selection of 1.12 seconds

Note: These combinations and more can be viewed on the online Help menu at the overview command at the right side of the SND active window.