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Current Status



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Come In Here

Personal Bio

Matthew Appleby is a Stanford Sophomore studying Product Design with minors in Studio Art and Computer Science. He grew up in Needham, MA and studied art and architecture at Phillips Academy during his high school years. He has continued his artistic career at Stanford by studying design, drawing, and architecture and has continued his interest in computer science. His previous work includes sculpture, architectural design, drawing, printmaking, and electronic art.

Piece Description

Come In Here is a pulsating piece, intimidating from afar and comforting up close. It beckons the viewer to come inside and experience the waves of air moving between the metal slits. It is meant to draw the viewer in to experience that feeling of organic comfort (like the feel of soft wind) that does not seem possible from a industrial object.

Lighting Preferences

I would prefer a small light from above that is not directed through the slits between the bars.

Initial Ideas


Very visual idea with a single speaker and microphone.


Speaker array used to direct sound.


Falling bouncy balls land on triggers that make a sound, either acoustic or analog.

Recent Ideas