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1) Post any drawings you have done so far. Post pictures of abandoned designs as well as your original idea.


2) Find at least 5 examples of similar work on the wiki. - “Quick Arduino MIDI Laser Harp” - “14-Note Framed Midi Laser Harp” - “Laser Harp Fully Functional” - “Tetris Theme on Laser Harp” - "Laser Guitar Project with Arduino Uno and Instrument Shield"

3) Create 3 lists for your project:

a) Things you need to have done for a minimal viable product

1x Instrument with functionally mapped parameters

b) Things that you want to have done by the final deadline

1x (wired) Laser Harp with functionally mapped parameters 

c) Things that would be nice to have if you had unlimited time.

1x (wireless) Laser Harp with functionally mapped parameters

4) Create a list of materials needed.

1x Wooden Harp 
8-10x Laser modules 
8-10x Photosensors
8-10x 10kHz Resistors
1x Arduino + electrical components
1x Laptop

5) Create a list of steps to achieve your Minimal Viable Product.

1) Collect all materials.
2) Mount laser modules, photoresistors, and additional Piezo on harp frame.
3) Write an Arduino program that maps each laser/resistor pair to its respective string.
4) Incorporate the Piezo into this Arduino program.