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Her Name is a 3 order ambisonic piece by Yuan Li

Music 222 Sound in Space, Spring 2017

This piece will aim to give listeners a sense of space changing with building up different musical image and illusions, telling a story of culture fusion by rearrange sounds in space.

The main sonic element consists of two major elements.

1) Melodies and synthesized sounds generated in ChucK and Logic (samples are included as well). 2) The recording material is mainly comprised of ambient sounds and soliloquy. Each of the sound parts will be recorded separately with SONY PCM-D100.

Currently, those materials are combined into ambisonics in Reaper with ambiX plugins (16 channels). By achieving the initial spatial location of each part, making the sounds traveling between different speakers, and adding distance for the listeners, to create the story scene for listeners with space changing curiously and emotionally.

The binaural representation of "Her Name" is shown as below.

The Prelude + Main track: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~yuanyuan/222/FinalProject.wav

lyrics: I remember that her name might be...

 When the night is falling, I start missing all the sounds of the morning. The sounds, originated from the morning, are flowing silently to the moment when the night is falling.

She might be opening a secret tunnel, the one that lies beneath auditory hallucinations caused by this dead silence of nighttime. Her skirt wipes across the stairs, from where the moss is coming up. The moss, in turn, is crawling across the skirt, and it turns out to be the clue she leaves before falling into a rabbit hole.

Getting big and then small, bigger, and smaller... if the drug got the taste, it should be the fragrance of her azure ball pen. The fragrance of synthesized flavors, the maternal image that everyone has for the sweetness. It's hard to imagine that she is bound to be a mother one day---tiny steel teeth of pearls in the permanently closed bud, flooding serum, harsh crying, clicks of knuckles' knocking the table, a sudden pause, and somebody was broadcasting," An anonymous love letter, an anonymous love song, an anonymous adolescence, an anonymous face..." A dirty football flying through the sandstorm busted windowpanes beside all the left ears, meanwhile her ball pen got snapped, splashing a pool of azure blue, or one abruptly restrained hiccup...

Who was it that she swopped a series of codes of the fate with? That's why she cut that long hair entangled with sandy grass, starlights and the smoke from chimneys. The pencil was sharpened, the tape rewound and a blank notebook unfolded----

She said," The farthest place I've got to is the Lotus Pond Park, which I thought was the border of this town."

 She said," I'm getting fruitful when left alone, so don't knock my window."

 She said," Finally the summer is coming, I love summer, though I smell winter coming as well." 

She said," We are lacking in firewood. Better get some when diving into the lake." 

" Haven't you come across the unicorn? He dyes the lake with the paints on the body." 

" If so, I'll hack down the green firewood and make a blue fire!"

 " After stacking the firewood and burning up those letters, Mr. rabbit wearing suit and tie began whistling to me..."

She's waiting for the train on the third floor underground. Posters in the light boxes turn into the letters in which ink is blossoming, blanks extending. The wind blowing with the fast train is caressing her skirt and the moss is growing across her calves. The door is closing, please flatten your skirt. The train is leaving, her nighttime is running away to the other direction, and nobody's nighttime is being overlapped with hers.

Many special thanks to my cousin Rika Li for his help with Chinese Pipa and soliloquy. Samples converted and remixed: Intro: 1. Rocana by Unsuk Chin 2. Soothing by Laura Marling 3. Terrible Angels by Charlotte Gainsbourg 4. Easy by Joanna Newsom Track: 1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (unabridged/Track 2)by Lewis Carroll/Peter Yearsley 2. Don't Push by Sachiko M