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How to make a Chugin

First of all to test this out you need to build ChucK from source. You can get the source like so:

   $ svn checkout chuck

And then build:

   $ cd chuck
   $ make [osx | linux-jack | linux-alsa | win32]

(selecting your platform from one of those options)

So basically, there is a test chugin called "Bitcrusher" that I wrote as an example of how to write a chugin. You can use this as the starting point for new chugins.

   $ cd test/dl/Bitcrusher
   $ make -f makefile.linux
   $ ../../../chuck --chugin:Bitcrusher.chug

(Substituting makefile.osx or makefile.win32 as necessary)

You should hear a delayed version of the adc/mic input thats been decimated and artificially quantized to a low bitrate sample-format. You can use this as a framework to write any new chugins you are interested in. Right now we don't envision this being used for stuff other than new ugens, as theres a whole lot more work involved to make a useful framework for general purpose libraries.

External References

The Chugin paper (submitted to ICMC 2012)