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How to install Ardour on the Mac

Ardour is a professional digital audio workstation, free and open source. Ardour runs in conjunction with the JACK Audio Connection Kit. JACK is an audio system which manages connections between Ardour and the soundcard of your computer, and between Ardour and other JACK-enabled audio programs on your computer. You must install Jack OS X before you can use Ardour. Please follow these instructions:

1) Install JACK Pilot:

2) Install Ardour: Ardour is open source and free software, but I highly recommend that you choose to donate any amount when downloading Ardour for Mac OS X. Not only you will be supporting the continued development of Ardour, but you will also get a version which runs lots of cool plugins (you can always choose to donate $0 and still download Ardour, but you won't get to use some plugins).

3) Configure the built-in soundcard of your Mac (post-2007 PowerBook or MacBooks):

You will also need a three-button mouse to use all of the features of Ardour. If you are using an Apple laptop that has only a single button, later versions of OS X will allow you to configure Trackpad options in the System Preferences: look for “two-finger tap = right click” or “secondary click” options. Then you can find alternative ways of simulating a right-click using your trackpad.

Are you looking for QJackCtl instead of JackPilot?

QJackCTl is the Jack graphical interface we are used to in Linux. If you like it better, it is also available for OS X:

A recent release of QJackCtl for Intel Macs with Leopard or Tiger can be downloaded here:

An older Universal release of QJackCtl for Intel and PPC Macs (Tiger/Leopard) is available here: