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Title: Mobile Music Making - History and Prospects by Georg Essl

Abstract: "Mobile music making" refers to the use of mobile devices in music performance. This talk reviews the fairly brief history of this emerging field by emphasizing performance practices but also technologies as have been developed so far. Then we go over some challenges ahead. What kinds of mobile music performances are thinkable? What are the restrictions and opportunities of the mobile setting and mobile technology for these types of performances?

Title: What's so hard about waves in the plane?by Georg Essl

Abstract: This talk discusses the properties of the wave equation in the plane for bounded domains. This is the typical equation we consider when trying to come up with physical models of drums, violin top plates or other flat sounding objects. Digital waveguides provide a very elegant physical modeling technique for the one-dimensional wave equation. This has to do with specific properties of the 1-D wave equation. There are however analogue descriptions and related properties in two dimensions. Impulsive excitations and their resulting wave fronts have a specific geometric structure. Goal of the lecture is to illustrate these and other structural properties of the solution of the 2-D wave equation. This gives us some specific clues why faithful physical models in two dimensions are more complicated.