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Homework #3: Design Your Own Instrument (DYOI)

  • Due date (checkpoint): 2014.2.6 5:15pm (in class), Thursday
  • Due date (final): 2014.2.12 11:59:59pm, Wednesday


  • read the Ocarina article
  • go through a concerted concept/design exercise to develop the idea for a new instrument
    • interaction
    • audio/music
    • graphics
    • (don't worry about networking/GPS, unless you want to)
  • prototype the design on the iPhone


  • "concrete" design documents in whatever formats is most comfortable to you (on paper, omnigraffle, MS paint, powerpoint, etc.)
  • early prototype (due 2.6)
  • final prototype (due 2.13)
  • documentation


  • devote time for concept and design!
  • do things in chunks, unit test when possible!
  • make it work (don't worry about making it right or fast in this assignment)


  • have fun with it!!!
  • you are welcome to work together, but you must do/turn in your own work


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/256b/hw3/ directory, and concise online documentation + readme

  • 1) source code to the project(s) (*.h, *.cpp, *.m *.mm *.c makefile, project files, etc.)
  • 2) online page for your project (should be viewable at http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~YOURID/256b/hw3). It should include:
    • links to concept / design documents
    • links to your files of various kinds (or to a zip/tar archive)
    • instructions on building the project (for example, anyone in the class should be able to download and run)
    • a short README text section that:
      • conveys your ideas/comments in constructing each program
      • describes any difficulties you encountered in the process
      • lists any collaborators
  • 3) email Ge with the link to your web page, as a confirmation that you are submitting the assignment